W.M. Davis

Medstar St. Mary’s Hospital Pavilion

From the beginning, The Pavilion was a unique structure to construct. Plans bid were 80% complete which left the mechanical and electrical design in flux.  After several delays, postponements and negotiations we were awarded the project.

The work was hampered by waiting on the final design work of the mechanical and equipment requirements.  Design changes to structural steel after steel was ordered kept our Project Manager on his toes, keeping up with all the cause and effects that rippled through the job.  The structural steel and concrete deck changes required constant review on what was effected and what was in the way.  With so much detail, all trades had to be consulted with each change, over twenty sheets of drawings to be reviewed each time.  Working with the various equipment vendors created much detail work.  The equipment required detailed drawings, extra meetings and testing to get the units up to speed and functioning.

Very near to the end of the project it was determined that a canopy system was needed to connect the Pavilion with the main hospital building.  We took the task from preliminary schematics and performed the final structure/design work.  Construction of the canopy was completed at the same time as the Pavilion.  The completed canopy appears to be part of the original design instead of an add on.

The project came together at the end, with everyone giving extra effort to meet the customer’s expectations.  Teamwork with Medstar St. Mary’s Hospital, the architect and our staff constructed a very technical project come together.


W.M. Davis, inc. was honored with the ABC Chesapeake Shores Excellence Award from the Associated Builder & Contractors, Inc. for the St. Mary’s Hospital, Outpatient Pavilion as Best in the Construction Industry in 2011


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